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Maktub Verte

A bestselling classic. This is the original celebrated Maktub, in the classic peridot green. Renowned for its intense herbal flavors and power, Verte is best served with plenty of crushed ice.

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Maktub Rouge

A hot party favorite. Bright chilli red, a little spicy and exotic... No, not all absinthes are green. Though not very common, red or rose absinthes (colored with hibiscus flowers) have been around for over a century, especially popular in Spain.

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Maktub Noir

For the senses & mind. Something of and for the night... a dark, decadent pleasure. Velvet smooth on the tongue, seductive to mind and body. Black absinthe is a true rarity, best enjoyed sipped straight or as a base for a wicked long cocktail.

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All three of Maktub absinthes (Verte, Rouge and Noir) are handmade with a full measure of Artemisia Absinthium. All three contain the original levels of thujone.